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Tomorrow BBC3 airs the first EVER episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK. It’s been a long time coming, but we are so ready to see the UK queens take to the main stage.

In honour of tomorrow, what better time than now to look back on some of our fave and most iconic moments of the previous US seasons? From fashion, to hair and makeup, to awkward and fabulous situations, we’ve got all the bases covered.

So, hold on to your wigs because here are some of the most sickening looks so far. Let’s hope the UK adds to this list!

SASHA VELOUR - season 9 episode 13: reunion

Ok - so technically she didn't bring this to the runway, but the reunion still counts in our books. We just couldn't choose between Sasha's looks because they were all 10/10 killer - let's be real, she brought top tier game every damn week. But fangirling moment aside - this look is sick. Where can we get these sweats?

© pinterest

VIOLET CHACHKI - season 7, episode 1: born naked

A reveal we would genuinely die for. Black sequins into this tartan masterpiece? Autumn, but make it high fashion. We want the plunge, the hat, the gloves, the ponytail and the snatched waist please. 

© pinterest

AQUARIA - season 10, episode 11: evil twins

It was a toss up between this look and Aquaria's mermaid, but this one won because... leopard print. Where's the 3D printer at because we really, really need that mask for Halloween this year. 

© dezeen

LATRICE ROYALE - all stars 4 promo

Latrice, we thank you for bringing us the chunky yet funky meme. Most of all, we thank you for bringing us this look. Latrice really brought her A game in all stars, cos this look is NUTS.

© rpdrfandom

NAOMI SMALLS - season 8, episode 8: Rupaul book ball

What's on the menu? Legs. Naomi sailed through season 8 and looks like this are exactly why. She killed it, covered herself in paper and demanded that the library is officially OPEN darlings, because reading is what? Fundamental. 

© vulture

COURTNEY ACT - season 6, episode 9: drag queens of talk

Our favourite Australian drag queen is so gorgeous it physically hurts. This moment had everybody gagging, even Cher's son! We don't know how she does it, but we want a bit of whatever she's taking. 

© twitter

VALENTINA - season 9, episode 1: oh. my. gaga!

Valentina is so cute and easy to love. She was kinda robbed in season 9, but also wasn't because she didn't know the words. From now on, every mouthpiece will be in her honour. Imagine asking to keep it on during a lip sync. We. Cannot. Cope. 

 © pinterest

SHEA COULEÉ - season 9, episode 11: gayest ball ever

Listen closely for how to make one of the village people look sexy 101: THIS. Why is she making us want a yellow hard hat to match yellow thigh high boots - is this fashion or are we crazy?

© reddit

KATYA ZAMOLODCHIKOVA - all stars 2, episode 6: drag fish tank

Season 7 left us wanting more Katya. Luckily, all stars 2 answered our prayers and reminded why we fell in love with her in the first place. Any drag queen that makes boring brown pants look THIS good is worthy of any crown. 

© pinterest

TRINITY TAYLOR - season 9, episode 2: she done already done brought it on

If you have a white party coming up, please remake this. The hair, makeup and glasses are giving us all the feels. A reminder of why head-to-toe white slays every time, not that we needed reminding. Futuristic wedding goals. 

© reddit



You've seen some of our favourite fashion moments, but don't think we've forgotten about hair and makeup. Remember these iconic looks? Check them out...

SASHA VELOUR - season 9, episode 14: finale

Ah, the petal wig. Sasha usually rocks the bald look, in honour of her late mum. The final saw her tease us with a stunning red wig before lifting it and showering herself in rose petals. No wonder her winning song was So Emotional.

© theavclub

MIZ CRACKER - season 10, episode 2: best drag

It was a toss up between Miz Cracker's box and hat moments, both taking hat hair to the next level - literally. We eventually decided on this one, because we love a futuristic look and it reminds us a lil bit of C-3PO. 

© pinterest

DETOX - season 5, episode 14: reunited!

THIS IS NOT A FILTER. Detox made history with this look and everyone wanted to remake it afterwards, because why wouldn't you? If Detox can nail the black and white filter with makeup, what about Valencia, Nashville or Ludwig - can we be those too?

© reddit



Finishing this off in style by giving you flashbacks to some fabulously AWKARD moments. Enjoy...

MILK - season 6, episode 2: snatch game

Hello hello hello! The dairy queen gave us workroom Ru realness, whilst the others flaunted gowns and bodysuits. Sorry, but we just can't get on board with people who think this is trash, because it was genius. Even Michelle Visage said it is, so it must be true. Gia Gunn was only mad because she could never.

© pinterest

 PEARL - season 7, episode 5: the DESPY awards

Pearl has been pretty much blacklisted since her rift with Ru. Whilst Willam had a raging scream fest in the street with Rupaul (lol) Pearl decided to blankly stare back, before blessing us with the iconic primary school comeback: do I have something on my face?

© pinterest

ALYSSA EDWARDS - season 5, episode 5: snatch game

 If you hadn't already guessed, our final fave moment was the time Jade Jolie (the one John Travolta tried to give Taylor Swift's Emmy to) told Alyssa she had back rolls. The SHADE is too real. Lizzo did not teach us this way, Jade. 


What are your top RuPaul moments?