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Capricorn season has held our hand through 2019 to 2020 and it's finally time to say goodbye and welcome Aquarius season. Before we do, we're taking a minute to reflect on our seasonal queen and obviously finding out which Stranger Things character we resemble based on our zodiac.


The Capricorn that we aim to channel this month is Stranger Things mega babe, Natalia Dyer. 

Saved the world? ✔️ 

Style to die for? ✔️ 

Super cute relationship? ✔️ 

Let Natalia (or Nancy Wheeler) inspire you to juggle work and play. Not only does she star in one of the biggest seasons on TV right now, but she also manages to look flawless at every award show, fashion week and basically just everyday life. 

Here's one of our all-time fave looks... 

Just like us, Natalia loves the head-to-toe neutral look. Our new co-ord *COMING SOON* is all about the toned down and oversized look and we're here for it. 


Your Stranger Things character based on your star sign...

ARIES ♈ – Max 

A true fire sign at heart, you intimidate pretty much every other zodiac. You have no problem getting what you want, but just remember to reign in your temper before it scares people away.

TAURUS ♉ – Joyce 

You’re stubborn, but incredibly loyal. Blessed with a huge heart, you’ll go to any lengths to protect the ones you love. Only a Taurus would fill their entire house with Christmas lights to decode what *could* be a message.

GEMINI ♊ – Nancy 

You’re a curious social chameleon, but the best at keeping secrets. Just like your ruling planet, Mercury, you’re mischievous and like attention a little bit too much at times.

CANCER ♋ – Jonathan 

Sensitive, kind and curious, you’re too often misunderstood. Thankfully, that’s never stopped you from being the best version of yourself. Even the school heartthrob can’t compete with your charm.

LEO ♌ – Lucas 

You’re outspoken, rebellious and always ready to fight for what you believe in. You always knew aliens existed, so who’s laughing now?

VIRGO ♍ – Barb

First things first, #justice4Barb. We miss the killer specs and mom jeans.

You’re mysterious, kind and analytical, Virgos. You’re the queen of detective work, and the FBI is desperate to get you on side. Sometimes, being too mysterious can backfire, so always be aware of your surroundings.

LIBRA ♎ – Eleven

You may be in a constant battle with your emotions, but your kind and forgiving nature helps you to process your thoughts. No matter what anyone says, you know you’re out of this world in every damn way.

SCORPIO ♏ – Billy

People are either terrified of you or swooning over you, there’s no in between. You wield power and you’ve got the smoulder down to a T, so it’s really no surprise, especially when you can transform at the flick of a switch.


Super adventurous, intuitive and friendly, you really do live each day to the fullest. Whether you’re making radio contact across thousands of miles to reach your long-distance crush, or being part of a secret Russian transmission, you’re always living your best life.


Logical, stubborn and mature, you’re always the pragmatic one in the group chat. You’ll do anything for the people you care about, even if that includes risking your life.


Competitive and fierce, nothing scares you. In your world, nothing’s worse than being bored, so it’s pretty much impossible for you to ever stay away from the drama.

PISCES ♓ – Will

Hypersensitive, discreet and adorable - you’re here to get sh*t done but nobody would expect it. Sometimes you’re too self-sacrificial in order to do the right thing, but you’re willing to stop at nothing to obtain an easy life.