It’s National Spa Week! Let’s celebrate in style by switching our phones off and getting our fluffy robe and slipper game on. It’s time to spend that hard-earned cash on a much-needed bit of ‘me’ time, and what better way than a spa?

Be prepared for a serious dose of TLC. We’re here to help by narrowing it down to a few of the top London spas in the biz.

Cloud Twelve

£ = Splurge

Caught our eye: Green coffee sculpting treatment

Making anything green screams health, so we’re 100% down for being slathered in coffee for 60 minutes. Cloud Twelve has found the balance between Western and Asian philosophies to bring us the ultimate treatments, and we’re very happy about it.


£ = Standard – our treatment choice a steal!

Caught our eye: Yellow light facial

The perfect spa for socialising. Sit with the girls whilst being pampered from head to toe. Anything that’s good enough to be used at the infamous Babington House is surely good enough for us. Boost me, hydrate me, brighten, pump and glow me. We'll have 10. 

The House of Elemis

£ = Standard

Caught our eye: Frangipani body salt scrub

A spa with a twist. You may not be able to dive into a pool or chill in the sauna and steam room, but you certainly can indulge in facial after facial. Let’s kick back and let Elemis take care of the science whilst we fall asleep reaping the benefits. Don’t mind if we do.


£ = Splurge, but we’ve got your back and chosen the absolute steal.

Caught our eye: Fresh facial spa treatment

In Lush products we trust. We’ve got the lip scrubs, the bubble bars, the bath bombs. We’ve got our favourite face mask – mask of magnaminty, obvs, and we’ve got our favourite scent – rose jam. Because we’re such a lush stan, we can justify spending a hefty wedge of our pennies on a whole day dedicated to Lush treatments. With a facial starting at £45, you can’t really go wrong.

Chuan Body+Soul

£ = Splurge

Caught our eye: Pollution defence facial 

This pool is everything we ever needed from a spa pool. We can confirm, it looks sick on the gram too. Prayers = answered. Living and working in London makes that pollution defence facial seem far too tempting. Fix me please, thanks, bye. 

M by Montcalm

£ = Standard

Caught our eye: Environ The Frown treatment

 A treatment specifically targeting frown lines could finally be the answer for all of our resting b*tch faces. Botox without the injection? Daily sessions incoming. It also makes the price a little bit easier to justify. Also - what better pool to relax in than this one? It’s serving some serious Versace realness. 

Thai Square Spa

£ = Standard

Caught our eye: Thai Square Signature Wrap

It would be super rude to visit a Thai spa and not indulge in their personalised treatments, so we’re going all out. We also want to try their aromatic bath. And the milk bath. Oh, and the oriental rain. Maybe we'll just try it all. 

K West Hotel and Spa

£ = Standard

Caught our eye: Baobab hair and scalp treatment

No, this spa has nothing to do with Kanye West - we googled it. Depending on your personality type, this will either be good or bad news. Treat your hair to a little bit of self-care and let the therapist scrub it clean of any nasties. Finish off with a frosty trip to snow paradise. It sounds cold and terrifying but we're gonna do it anyway.