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It may not be the month of Dry January and Veganuary, but it is time for Organic September.

Are you ready to enter a world of much-needed detoxing? After 3 months of summer fun, it’s time to commit to a healthy and organic lifestyle just before the Christmas and NYE boozing kicks in.

Join the NGO Zine as we try our very best to live a more organic September. Let’s all settle down, suck it up and try a whole month of living and feeling clean. After all, if Greta can sail across the Atlantic for 2 weeks to avoid carbon emissions, I’m sure we can make a few small changes and sacrifice a couple of extra pennies to go organic this month. The result? Everybody wins: the planet, animals and our health.

The Soil Assocation are to thank for the Organic September craze and ever since it’s become an annual month-long pledge to ditch the toxic chemicals and make steps towards a happier, healthier lifestyle. All whilst raising awareness about organic brands, producers and farmers in the UK. All we have to do is follow their lead – sounds easy, right? Even easier when you keep an eye out for their logo - the most transparent way to know you’re buying the good stuff and keeping away from the nasties.



Welcome to NGO’s range of organic tees! A hella easy way to make the switch to organic fashion without breaking the bank. We may not be perfect, but this range of tees sure is, so get ready to fill your boots. One step in the right direction is better than no steps at all – right?

Think of the animals, your bank balance and (obvs) the planet, and buy organic! Fashion really doesn’t have to cost the earth. So join us in trying to make the switch to go green, girl.


Here we grow! It’s time to save the world one NGO organic tee at a time. Size up depending on how oversized you want this tee to be and be prepared to reply to all of the compliments with ‘thanks, it’s organic.’

❗❗❗Just when we thought retail therapy couldn’t get any better… it becomes guilt-free. Purchase an NGO 100% organic tee for all the good feels and a healthy happy conscience. That’s the real tee. *Sips drink*

Shop the tee here. 


A reminder to keep those filthy paws off the plastic straws. Save the kittens by investing in organic fashion where testing on animals is strictly prohibited. If you’re not gonna do it for the kittens, do it for David Attenborough. 

❗❗❗The time has come to wave the straws goodbye. Life in plastic is absolutely not fantastic, especially when it’s making its way into our animals, oceans, and even snow.

Shop the tee here.


A gentle reminder that if you can survive Mercury retrograde, you can survive Earth too. With this tee, you’ll be inspired to survive whatever life may throw your way, including Brexit and the finale of Power.

❗❗❗2019’s Mercury retrograde is due during November. Be warned and be prepared by wearing this organic crop tee to keep the good vibes flowing. Bad things can’t happen to gals just trying to save the planet, right?

Shop the tee here.


Find your inner Sir Mix-A-Lot when you wear this tee. Repeat after me: I like organic fashion and I cannot lie. Because lying is bad, and organic is good. Capeesh? 

❗❗❗The kitten promotes a healthy, organic living. You will only be able to look this cute if you try to do so too.

Shop the tee here.


Get rich or… try sharing. Because ain’t nobody dying if you’re wearing this 100% organic and recycled cotton tee. Share the love and join the movement this September. Oh, and you’ll help to save the planet.

❗❗❗You’ll still be getting rich with plenty of sharing to do with our super reasonably priced organic line. We thought about you and your finances first, don’t worry.

Shop the tee here.


Seeing as we’re paying homage to Tutankhamun, we’ve gotta start looking after our soil so we can preserve other legends too. Organic farming can dramatically reduce pesticide use, so it’s time to #MakeSoilGreatAgain. 

❗❗❗Strawberries and apples are just two examples of food suffering from non-organic farming. Save the King and Queen of the fruit world and buy organic.


Let us know what you plan to do for Organic September, and don’t forget to show us how you style our gorgeous and guilt-free organic range by tagging us on socials with #NewGirlOrder.