Whether you're someone who's fully committed to Dry January or someone who failed on day two but still wants to lay off the booze, finding the perfect mocktail can be one hell of a stress. 

Thankfully, London's full of cool and quirky bars that are here to sort us out, minus the next day hangover.

We've rounded up the best hotspots (in our eyes) for getting a non-alcoholic bevvie.



Where? Shoreditch

We recommend: Pura Sangre

If you like moody basement vibes, this is the bar for you. The barmen know what they're talking about, so throw a few flavours their way, tell them to drop the alcohol and see what you end up with. 



Where? Southbank

We recommend: anything with Seedlip

Non-alcoholic gin? We'll have 10 and make them a double. But seriously, not only does Lyaness have the dreamiest interiors, but you can expect top-tier mocktail making.



Where? Various locations

We recommend: Apple Mockjito

Redemption is out here combining all of our New Year resolutions into one. An entire drinks menu that's alcohol free, vegan AND refined sugar free? *faints*



Where? West End

We recommend: Everleaf Highball

This one's split into two, so you can take heads by day and tails by night. Our conclusion? We're not mad about spending an entire day and night in a bar - it's a good thing the mocktails are mouth-watering.



Where? Mayfair

We recommend: Monkey Prince

If Sexy Fish is good enough for Maya Jama to DJ at, it's good enough for us to peacefully sit and drink our mocktails. Even better, if you get hungry, you can grab some of the best sushi in London.



Where? Shoreditch

We recommend: Detox Starts Now 

Vitamin infused mocktails with anti-aging properties and activated charcoal sounds like something we could really get on board with. Suddenly we're feeling a dry 2020... kinda.



Where? Covent Garden

We recommend: Ginger Snap 

Iced tea, afternoon tea and now tea-infused mocktails - that's the real tea. January is all about actually feeling refreshed minus the dry mouth the following day.



Where? Mayfair

We recommend: Prehispanic Lemonade

Mexicans know how to master a mocktail, apparently. You may not be getting the same kick from a vodka, gin or rum, but you'll certainly be getting it from a peppercorn or chilli.