It's World Mental Health Day, so we had a chat with the beaut psychology and mental health student Clara (from @lalalaclaire.) From raising awareness about mental illness to her haircare routine, get to know the girl behind the 10/10 insta feed. Oh, and we'll also treat you to some gorgeous pics from our recent new season shoot with her!


First things first - how did @lalalaclaire start?


@lalalaclaire started when I was in year 9 and figuring out what username I wanted. Fun fact - I’ve never changed my username! I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, got inspired and started posting makeup photos of myself. Two of my posts became viral and eventually blew up my Instagram follower count! It’s crazy how a hobby can turn into a profession. 





What’s the best and worst thing about being a social media influencer?


The best thing about being a social media influencer is being able to connect with my followers as well as the fashion, beauty, and food (yes food!) community - I love to engage with my supporters, especially when it comes to them being curious about what I do aside from social media - Mental Health and Psychology. 


The worst thing about being a social media influencer is the pressure that is put on you once you have a well-built platform - setting a good example is key, presentation is essential, and consistency is necessary. Though sometimes being under the public eye is difficult, the pros will always outweigh the cons. 


What’s a typical day in the life?


I have to have my daily dose of iced coffee and start my day off with a walk around my area - it’s so easy to sink in the couch watching Rick and Morty on Netflix so being out and about is essential! During my day I usually work in the afternoon creating content - my favourite part of the day of course - and attending amazing events in the evening. The food I eat throughout my day is also important - I make sure I eat what I want when I want as long as it’s healthy (sometimes!).




How do you switch off?


Usually, I play my guitar to switch off from the outside world - I’ve been playing guitar since I was 7 years old so the instrument and the art of playing the guitar has a close place to my heart and allows me to delve into a different world. 


What’s been your career highlight so far?


My career highlight so far is when I got featured in VOGUE - The slogan of the photograph taken of me was “NOT SORRY” - a bold statement us women need to say more!


Which Girl Bosses inspire you most?


Greta Thunberg, Michelle Obama, and Ellen




What are your current favourite trends?


My current favourite trends include a neutral palette, oversized blazers, monogram prints, mesh tops and corduroy pieces!


And what trend excites you most for SS20?


The trend that excites me most for SS20 are graffiti prints - I’ve seen graffiti creep in slowly for AW20 but I’m excited to see it blow up for Spring/ Summer season. 





Because everyone’s dying to know – please drop the haircare routine!


Shoutout to my hairstylist @ta.rin! Honestly, if it weren’t for my hairstylist, my hair would not be on point - my secret is washing my hair every 2-3 days to retain its natural oils as well as doing hair masks and hydrating the tips of my hair with argan oil. THE BIGGEST SECRET however is eating the right food - a healthy diet = healthy, luscious and rapid-growing hair. 


What were your favourite NGO pieces from the new season shoot? And do you have any OG favourites from previous collections?


My favourite piece has to be the floral tattoo print co-ord set - we shot this duo in the newsagents and the contrast between the colourful setting and the monochromatic piece worked harmoniously! However my favourite OG piece has to be the Motor-cross dress - such a classic! 




You said you study mental health, today is mental health awareness day! Tell us a bit about why you decided to study it and why you are interested in raising awareness about mental health?


I decided to study Mental Health, and now also Psychology, as I have always been fascinated by the human brain - it’s intelligent, intricate and intriguing details is what motivates me to continue studying it and delve into it’s mysterious beauty.


I want to show the world that mental health shouldn’t be looked at in a negative way - in fact I want the world to know that it is something that we all posses and that we all experience a mental illness once in our lives, whether it be a major or minor one. I want to show the world that you are not limited, your dreams are infinite and are tangible as long as you work your way towards it. I want to raise awareness for Mental Health especially due to the fact that O come from a culture where it is neglected and disregarded almost completely - the stigma that enshrouds mental health is what I want to be removed and I want to be a part of that movement.



Celeb crush?

Blake Lively

Fave colour?

Baby blue!

Spirit animal?


Tea or coffee?


Sweet or savoury?

Sweet! (I'm known to have such a sweet tooth)

Night in or night out?

I love mixing it up (get yourself somebody who can do both!)

Bath or shower?