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This month is The Simpson’s 30th anniversary, so to celebrate we’re looking back on our favourite yellow activist – Lisa Simpson, and why she’s so great.

Anybody who grew up with The Simpsons knows the tea… Lisa Simpson is a super sustainable, animal-loving, environmentalist and feminist queen. There’s no better way to enter 2020 than with a Lisa Simpson-style attitude, sass and all.

In honour of our favourite saxophone playing babe, we’re here to remind you of the top five lessons that we’ve learnt from Lisa herself.


1. Say a big fat NO to sexism

Lisa vs. the Malibu Stacey doll is one of TV’s greatest showdowns. It’s safe to say that Lisa speaks on behalf of the entire female population when she tells patriarchy where to stick it. Of all things in this life, what we really don’t need is a doll telling us that thinking gives us wrinkles, or that we should be baking cookies for the boys.


2. Be true to yourself

A family holiday episode brought us ‘cool Lisa,’ where a backwards flat cap, tiny sunglasses and a pair of hacked off denim shorts equated to being super popular. Thankfully, this look only lasted the one episode, and Lisa’s geek-chic was back in no time.

3. Fight for what you believe in

For an eight-year-old, Lisa’s got a lot going on – an activist, feminist, environmentalist and vegetarian. We can only aspire to be as morally in check as she is. We also totally respect her fire, even if this does involve attacking a hog roast BBQ on a wild spree.

4. STOP comparing

Stop scrolling and remove bad vibes – if Lisa can do it, so can we. As a saxophone and academic genius, you’d think Lisa rarely has competition in life. When the new girl Alison comes onto the scene, she changes and enters full sabotage mode. The end result? A whole lotta guilt. Take this as an example to keep doing you.


5. Love the world

Lisa never stops trying to save the world. Whether she’s living in a tree, reading poetry to a beached whale or tackling light and water pollution, her eco-warrior ways never stop. In other words, Lisa for world leader.