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Happy Sagittarius season to all of our December babes!

 2019 has been a crazy year with high highs and low lows. Throughout Scorpio season, the sun has been making its way from water to fire, and the general consensus now we're in the fire sign region is pretty good – optimistic, fun and festive. No complaints here. 

Nonbeliever or believer, Mercury Retrograde put us all through our paces. Thankfully, it’s time to bury that in the past and embrace a drama-free December and a 2020 packed with good vibes only. A season ruled by Jupiter, this month is all about finding new things that excite you and starting the new year on the right foot.



We’ve celebrated Billie Eilish pretty much every day this year (thanks for confirming, Spotify wrapped) but we’re celebrating her more than ever this month, especially her birthday on December 18th. 

We spotted this look on the gram this week and fell in love – Billie is totally an NGO gal. Everything from the colours to the design is right up our street, so we had to share.

Take a little bit of inspo from Billie this season with our zebra print co-ord.

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As part of our 12 days of Christmas, we’re throwing in a little extra something. Ever wondered what your inner Christmas film is based on your star sign? Look no further.  

ARIES ♈ – The Holiday

You’re desperate to start travelling in the new year. It’s time to start making plans about where 2020 will take you, and then get excited about it by screaming Mr Brightside whilst home alone.

TAURUS ♉ – Arthur Christmas

Try to avoid material objects this Christmas and remember it’s the thought that counts - it will put you in a whole new mindset ready for the new year.

GEMINI ♊ – The Princess Switch

Just when you’re trying to process 2019, you’re thrown with a curveball like no other. Focus your energy on developing the relationships around you and the rest of the good will follow. 

CANCER ♋ – It’s a Wonderful Life 

There’s no better time to unleash your hopeless romantic side than Sagittarius season. Christmas was designed for Cancer’s to thrive, so soak it up.

LEO ♌ – The Polar Express

I know you’re missing the drama of last season, but it’s time to chill. If you really wanna take centre stage, channel Tom Hanks and take six roles in the nativity play.

VIRGO ♍ – Home Alone 

Being a deep thinker pays off in times of need. Your creativity, artistic mind and love for responsibility will see you far in life, even if nobody else believes in you.

LIBRA ♎ - Elf

Living inside your imagination isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you end up ice skating with Zooey Deschanel, eating maple syrup and candy for breakfast.

SCORPIO ♏ – The Grinch

Your life is super hectic at this time of year. Luckily for you, you know what you want and you’re not afraid to go get it.

SAGITTARIUS ♐ – Love Actually 

You were born to be flexible, that’s why you always find a way to juggle a million different things going on in your life. Always remember = be a Karen, never a Mia.

CAPRICORN ♑ – Bad Santa 

Being a workaholic is all well and good, until you’re overworked and ripping kids off for being the worst Santa Claus in history. Try leaving work on time this month. 

AQUARIUS ♒ – Jack Frost

Unconventional thoughts may seem unrealistic at first but remember to always look for the deeper message. Pay attention to everything around you, someone could be trying to communicate from a distance. 

PISCES ♓ – A Christmas Carol

You’re feeling super positive this month, Pisces. Channel it in the best way by working hard, spending time with your faves and avoiding Scrooge’s at all costs.