Happy Scorpio season to all of our late October and November babies, it’s your time to shine.

Things are feeling a little bit overwhelming and mysterious this month. 2019’s Scorpio season brings an astrological shift - from the 31st October onwards, Mercury is travelling backwards in the sky. You guessed it, it’s Mercury Retrograde. So, hold on to your seats - it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Our advice? Be aware of it and let it push you to be brave enough to make important decisions.



Our Scorpio muse this season is fashion queen and all-round icon Willow Smith. We need to channel the Smith family more than ever this season. Calm, collected and forgiving - they've got what we need to thrive. 

Not only is her music super chill (sorry - minus whip my hair) but she's insanely talented and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. It comes as no surprise that her insta feed is total goals either, as her style is next level. Willow blessed us with a selfie this week and officially lifted the bar. From now on, we need some form of stained-glass window for our selfie background... BRB.

What we love even more, is how similar Willow’s black high neck top looks to one of our classic pieces.

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For the other star signs, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. Here’s what you can expect from Scorpio season. Naturally, it's in the form of an iconic Smith family moment. 


I’m sorry to have to say this, but a life review is pending. It’s time to rethink your path – maybe it’s finally time to start a new hobby?

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You’re in control (most of the time) and even when you’re not, you convince yourself you are. The energy we need this season, keep it up.


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Stop being easily led by others. Leave the gossiping to the side this season. Surround yourself with people that radiate Angie energy, never Lola.

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It’s amazing that you put other people first, but you need to find a healthy balance. Self-sacrifice is sometimes the answer, but mostly isn’t.


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Take Scorpio season as your time to shine. Hair, nails, look - on point at all times. Make sure you're feeling your oats every damn day.


You always have so much to say. Make use of your filter this season, not everybody always wants to hear it.



You’re so forgiving, to the point that some people take it for granted and end up walking all over you. It's time to find the middle ground. 


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This season is all about you. You’re in control and you’re rethinking your life to just keep on bettering yourself and those around you.

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It’s the perfect time to put your joker character to good use. Don’t let Mercury Retrograde bring you down, it’s all about those positive vibes.

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You love your friends and family so much. Loyalty is everything, but sometimes let yourself share the limelight.

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It’s time to get a journal. You need to start writing your ideas down rather than announcing them to the world every time.



It’s ok Pisces, we understand. It’s been a tough few months, and it’s only going to get tougher. Just try and process it the best that you can.

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Enjoy your Scorpio Season! Don't let Mercury retrograde bring you down. 

In true NGO style, we’ve even slapped it on a cute crop tee, so you can tell the world that you survived it. Did we mention it’s organic AND on sale? You're welcome.