For all our last-minute girls out there, we’ve got you covered.

If you need a little bit of inspiration, look no further than NGO’s Halloween edit. Filled with aliens, boxers and Cher Horowitz, we’ve done the hard work, so all you need to do is add to basket and thank us later.

Shop the edit HERE and check out our fave Halloween looks for 2019 below: 


Aliens are underrated as a Halloween look. Think sexy, like Guardians of the Galaxy or Avatar, rather than E.T. or Kang and Kodos from the Simpsons. No shade, E.T.

Hairstyle: space buns or a pastel wig, you decide

Makeup: a hella amount of glitter, lots of blue and green

Accessories: glitter bopper headband (obvs) and if you’re feeling really wild, a toy taser gun

Metallic cycling short and crop new girl order fashion alien fancy dress halloween


aloha alien sequin mini dress fashion blog halloween inspo fancy dress new girl order SHOP ALIEN DRESS



Because snakes are overdone, so mix it up a little this year by being the ultimate snake queen herself – Medusa.

Hairstyle: braids, as crazy as you can handle

Makeup: A dark lip is a must and grab a pair of fishnet tights for some scales

Accessories: snakes everywhere, gold jewellery and a medusa headband

snake print bardot crop and wide leg trousers medusa halloween fancy dress Inspo new girl order SHOP SNAKE CO-ORD


Bunnies are so 2018, this year it’s all about the tuxedo bunny. We want to channel Courtney Act, please. Double up and get your friend to wear a dressing gown for real time Hugh Hefner Playboy Bunny vibes.

Hair: slick low ponytail

Makeup: minimal, glowy, and a red lip is essential

Accessories: black bunny ears, tuxedo cuffs and collar

black bandeau and cycling short tuxedo bunny fancy dress halloween inspo new girl orderSHOP BLACK CO-ORD


The only Halloween costume that promises to be a knockout. Disclaimer: no fighting is recommended in the making of this blog post, black eyes are for makeup purposes only.

Hairstyle: French braids

Makeup: dark eye, nude lip

Accessories: boxing gloves, chunky boots

dragon print black kimono new girl order halloween inspo fancy dress boxer


logo tape joggers sweatpants halloween fancy dress inspo boxer new girl order



Baywatch is out, chilled surfer girl is on. We love a Halloween costume that you can re-wear time and time again. Surfer looks are for life, not just for Halloween.

Hairstyle: wet-look tousled waves

Makeup: faux freckles and bushy brows

Accessories: a flower behind the ear, shell necklace, sliders and an appropriate prop of your choice – we recommend a toy shark or surfboard

green bodysuit new girl order fancy dress halloween inspo surfer girl SHOP SURFER BODYSUIT


Be the bringer of horoscopes this Halloween. Trick or treat? Choose if you’re gonna ruin people’s lives or make their day. After reading your palm, we can confirm your future Halloween costume consists of this look.

Hairstyle: crazy tight curls – think Professor Trelawney from Harry Potter.

Makeup: lots of blusher, crazy brows

Accessories: headband, layers and layers of necklaces and rings, tarot cards, a crystal ball and of course, temporary palm tattoos on either hand

neon signs mesh top curve new girl order tarot card reader halloween fancy dress inspo SHOP TAROT TOP



Can’t decide if you’re a saint or a sinner? It’s Halloween, you’re always a sinner. Channel the bad angel within you with these hot AF look.

Hairstyle: two pigtails

Makeup: dark eye, dark lip, big lashes

Accessories: chunky boots, black wings and a black halo

new girl order curve no Angel crop halloween fancy dress inspo bad angel SHOP BAD ANGEL TEE ALSO IN CURVE


‘Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?’ With this look, neither. You really will be rollin’ with the homies with this look. A winner in everyone’s eyes.

Hairstyle: a bouncy blonde blow dry – what else?

Makeup: glowy skin, nude lip

Accessories: cat eye sunglasses, a backpack, knee high socks, a fluffy pen. Oh, and a Paul Rudd

cher Horowitz clues new girl order halloween fancy dress inspo pink tartan print trousers


cat eye sunglasses Cher Horowitz new girl order halloween fancy dress inspo SHOP CAT EYE SUNGLASSES



We love a super versatile piece, and this LBD is ticking all of our boxes. Bat? Check. Witch? Check. The perfect dress for future nights out? Check. We’ll take 10.

Hairstyle: spray it black or silver and backcomb it to the heavens

Makeup: a super dark lip is all we require of you

Accessories: if you’re a bat, you’ll need the ears. If you’re a witch, you’ll be needing a broom, a black cat and a bright red apple for ultimate Sleeping Beauty vibes

dramatic sleeve black dress new girl order halloween fancy dress inspo bat witch SHOP THE ULTIMATE LBD


Because tattoo print is everything and everybody loves it? Go hard or go home and cover yourself from head to toe in temporary tattoos. Layer the tattoo mesh top under the tattoo mesh dress for the ultimate look.

Hairstyle: messy bun

Makeup: red smoky eye, red contacts and a dark lip

Accessories: tattoo gun, bandana

metallic mesh skater dress new girl order tattoo Artist halloween fancy dress inspo


tattoo print mesh top curve new girl order halloween fancy dress inspo tattoo artist SHOP TATTOO TOP ALSO IN CURVE