This week, we kindly restocked your favourite Dalmatian hoody, so naturally we thought you’d appreciate a little inspo about how you can get the most out of your bundle of furry joy this autumn and winter. For a hoody that's all about the comfort, look no further - just one look and you can feel the love. 

If you’re all about feeling snuggly whilst looking insane (like us) then you’ve come to the right place. Promising compliments and bomb selfies, we’ve got all the bases covered with our guide, sure to take you from lazy mornings to late night drinks with the girls. 

It's time to channel your inner Cruella De Vil.

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You know those ones where it’s been a super long week and you’re dying to let off some steam, but you don't wanna freeze? Far too relatable.

Outside is cold, rainy and gross. Right now, all you wanna do is binge the new season of Queer Eye in bed. 

BUT... your horoscope made you promise not to cancel plans this month, and you can't break a vow like that.

The answer? Grab the Dalmatian hoody. All you'll need is a cute pair of shorts underneath and the chunkiest pair of trainers you can find in your closet. For a look that's guaranteed to be on point and comfort levels through the roof, this one's for you.




Going out for late night drinks with the girls is all fun and games until it's suddenly zero degrees inside and sauna temperatures inside. It's almost as if you need that perfect transitional item that gives you the best of both worlds.

You guessed it; you need the Dalmatian hoody. The ultimate piece to throw on over a mini dress or slip skirt, you can be sure to be prepared for all seasons in this look. And even better, you'll no longer be the one who's always complaining about being too cold.

Mega babe @lalalaclaire shows us how it's done. Prepared for rain, wind and frost with top-tier style game. We salute you.




PSA: the following outfit contains comfort levels that some may find shocking.

Sunday’s are made for Netflix, snacks and comfy clothes. Name something better than cosying up in this hoody with a pair of our iconic joggers – we’ll wait.

But seriously, there is only rule with this look: you must size up. Take no prisoners, amp up the cosiness and live your best oversized life. 

Throw a pop of colour into the mix with our 'what's your sign?' joggers.