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When it comes to Halloween, you’re either super organised or super last minute – there’s no in between. If you’re not sure where you fit, you’re probably the latter, because it’s a matter of hours until Halloween and here you are looking for inspiration. Don’t worry b, we’re here to help.

You might have your outfit sorted, your hair and makeup booked and your trusty cat ears at the ready if all else fails – but you need a 10/10 night to make it all worthwhile.

From cirque de soleil themed clubs to escape rooms, here’s our round up of the best places to be this weekend…

1. The Dark Circus Party: Halloween Special

When? Saturday November 2

Where? EartH club

Face paint, jewels, and accessories at the ready – it’s the day of the dead. It’s all about the cocktails, the dancing and of course, the acrobatics. In true circus style, there will be cages and contortionists to entertain to your heart’s content.

© dark circus party

2. Trapped in Wonderland

When? Thursday October 31

Where? IndigO2

Mad Hatters at the ready! It’s time to jump down the rabbit hole for a twisted fairytale. Alice in Wonderland but throw in deranged animals and a hella amount of blood. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. And we heard on the grapevine there’s pizza at 1am, so rude to miss it really…

3. Silence: an immersive murder mystery

When? Until November 10

Where? Stanley Park

Remember the board game Cluedo? It’s time to live that fantasy with the mystery of the Southwark murder. Reveal the demon, if you dare. Obviously, you have to channel Miss Scarlet if you go. A red dress and Hollywood waves are hard to resist.

4. Mission Breakout

When? All year round

Where? Kentish Town

If you don’t already know, escape rooms are where you get locked up with 60 minutes to solve it and manipulate the machines. Kinda like Saw in terms of teamwork, but without the chainsaw massacre that awaits at the end. Sounds fun, right?

5. Pumpkin patch

When? Until October 31

Where? Wimbledon

For all our girls who love the gram, you can’t let Halloween slip by without visiting an aesthetic AF pumpkin patch. Pick a pumpkin, sit on a straw bale and visit the allotment. Whatever you do, your insta feed will thank you.

© pumpkin picking patch 

6. Spooky season showings

When? Multiple dates

Where? Crofton Park

Halloween films are just… the best. Rivoli Ballroom’s pop up cinema is answering our prayers with spooky showings. Choose between Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Rocky Horror or The Shining.