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It's been a long, hard, cold January, but our bank balance has finally been rejuvenated after a month of rice and beans. Thankfully, we're finally starting to feel normal again after an intense post-Christmas detox. 

After a month away from meat and dairy, let our top vegan finds from this month motivate you to keep it up for the rest of 2020.

No matter what you're craving, we've got just the place for you to get your fix...


If you think being vegan means giving up cheese, think again. by CHLOE's Mac N' Cheese is famous for being so good, filled with sweet potato, cashew and mushroom goodness.

Youngs Vegan Pie Shop 

Pie, mash and gravy goes down a treat any day of the week. Luckily, this one in Camden is satisfying all of our needs with some 10/10 vegan alternatives.


If in doubt, pizza - that's the 2020 motto. If you know anything at all about vegan pizza, you'll know the magic of Purezza. BBQ pieces, sausage and a questionable amount of cheese - it's almost too good to be true.


When the dairy withdrawal symptoms start to kick in, head straight for Yorica. Get your sugar fix in the best way with a milkshake, waffle, crepe and a TON of ice cream.

Cafe Van Gogh

You can't beat a Sunday lunch. If you think a vegan option won't be half as good, be prepared to eat your words after eating this insane roast dinner. 

Doughnut Time

The clue is in the name - a sickening amount of doughnuts. Red velvet, Biscoff, crumble, cookie dough... the list goes on. Wanna know something even better? They deliver. 

The Rooftop St James

It's been a tough few weeks so treat yo'self to a creamy cheese fondue and maybe even a glass (or two) of Prosecco - once dry Jan is over though, obvs.

Biffs Jack Shack

Vegan chicken so damn real that they've even made a fake bone out of sugarcane - the commitment is next level. Thankfully, we can confirm that all this effort does actually pay off.

What the Pitta

Because if we didn't finish a night out with a kebab, we just wouldn't be staying true to ourselves. Catch us leaving the club early and heading straight here.

Sutton and Sons

All of the classics from a fish and chip menu have been given a vegan makeover and we're so pleased about it. Fish and chip Friday is here to stay after all.