It’s National Baking Week! Obviously, this means we have to talk about our pride and joy - The Great British Bake Off.

The show that gets everyone through Tuesdays in the office, as we look forward to Noel singing the bake to Sandy's on your marks, get set. 

We’ve rounded up our favourite moments and bakes from past seasons for a little dose of nostalgia and also because why the hell not?


Finally, Channel 4 seem to be prioritising the budget for VERY important issues such as bagging Noel a Valentino jumper on week one.

Two big cats

The King of the jungle for the King of the tent. Sorry, Paul. We’d rather have a Noel handshake than a clammy Hollywood one.

Sweet as pie

It’s very apt for Noel to be wearing a shirt covered in cake. As if we weren’t already thinking about cake enough. If we say cake for the third time will it appear in front of us? 

A Noel illusion

A curtain fringe paired with this shirt is definitely an optical illusion we'd like to experience more. 

Bricks and giggles

Noel is becoming influencer-worthy with his shirt choices. Especially this one, formerly seen on Zoella. Maybe it’s time for a collab - Noel would be all over our graphic tees. Noel Girl Order sounds like it could be a hit. 

The one with the dogs

Just when we thought we couldn’t love Noel anymore; he covers himself in puppies and proves that there’s always room for more (love and cake).


*Insert mouth-watering emoji here*

Carb goals

When Paul blessed us with the famous Lion Loaf, it was a good day. We already loved him for exuding serious BDE (big Dad energy) but this bread masterpiece elevated him to our top 3 faves without a doubt.

Perfect peacock 

Nadiya was super cute from day one, we could just tell she was winning material. Bakes like this are the reasons why. Who knew a peacock cake was what we needed?

The BLT of Dreams

If Joey Tribbiani were a cake, he would be this. Everyone loves a BLT, so why not make the nation’s favourite sarnie a delicious bake?

Raving about ramen

Japanese food hits us in places nothing else does. For that reason, this cake is everything. It’s just missing some dumplings and maki sushi. But it’s nearly perfect, so we’ll let Yan off.

Candice's gingerbread pub

Bringing new meanings to ‘going to the pub for one’ since 2016. A gingerbread pub is two of our favourite things that we can certainly get on board with.


Because we couldn’t celebrate National Baking Week without looking back on some of the funniest and most awkward moments of the show so far…

Howard's custard nightmare

Bit of a throwback here, but if you’re a true #fangirl, you’ll remember the custard-gate case of 2013. The moment we’re referring to is when Howard’s custard was ‘misplaced’ and ended up in Deborah’s bake. The scandal!

Don't cry over spilt baked Alaska

Fast forward a year later to 2014 for another traumatic episode. After Diana removed Iain’s baked Alaska from the fridge and left it on the side, it became a liquid lunch. Safe to say Iain threw it in the bin and that was the last we saw of him. The tension was too real, but everyone was living for the drama.

Everyone's 2016 crush

GBBO could sense that 2016 was a bad year, so blessed our televisions with Selasi to finish the year on a high. Selasi was the cool cucumber we needed and it’s safe to say that we miss him deeply.

Noel and Sandi = BFF GOALS

Bake off wouldn’t be bake off without the fabulous sisterhoods. We once had Mel and Sue, and now we have Sandi and Noel. Who doesn’t want to see Noel dress up as Marie Antoinette, or Sandi lying in a cutlery draw?

When Prue tweeted the winner too early

Sorry to bring up sore wounds Prue, but this was a moment. Time difference led Prue to tweet the 2017 winner before the final had been announced. What a way to end your first ever season.