Welcome to the birth of the NEW girl ORDER Zine. Ready to discuss all things feminism, body positivity, trash TV, music and of course, FASHION! We’re more than just your average Fashion Blog. We’re an attitude, a community a platform and your new BFF.

If you love fashion, pop culture, astrology, keeping up with current affairs (or none of the above) then welcome to your new weekly virtual hang-out. Hate and negativity is strictly prohibited because, ain’t nobody got time for that. This is a place to love yo’self, laugh, cry, embrace your flaws and fearlessly fight for gender equality all with a healthy dose of vitamin F(un).

Sound good? Join the sisterhood and help us conquer the world, or at least try!

If you need a reminder of our manifesto, here it is:

Be unapologetic, don’t text your ex, don’t worry about last night or yesterday for that matter. Stay hydrated, love yourself, find your people, be the rich man your mother wanted you to marry. Go there, do that and buy the t-shirt, join the new girl order.

You’ve joined the NEW girl ORDER, now join the NEW girl ORDER Zine.


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